Earth Tongue fungi on the Rowley Hills

Some more interesting fungi have been spotted on the Rowley Hills recently, and their appearance this late in the year is undoubtedly due to the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having. These are Earth Tongues, which are important indicators of nutrient-poor grasslands of high value for nature. They normally appear during October and November, and from their appearance it’s obvious where their name comes from! There are several similar-looking species and the shape of this one suggests it is a Trichoglossum; it’s not possible to make a more accurate identification without a microscope.

Earth Tongue (Trichoglossum) (image © Mike Poulton)

Earth Tongue (Trichoglossum) (image © Mike Poulton)

Earth Tongue (Trichoglossum) (image © Mike Poulton)

Earth Tongue (Trichoglossum) (image © Mike Poulton)








Even at this time of year, nature still holds surprises – there is always something interesting to see! Click here to read a bit more about Earth Tongues.


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