Friends of Rowley Hills AGM

We will be holding our AGM this Sunday, 30th October 2022, at 10:30am (don’t forget the clocks go back!). Anyone interested in the work of the Friends of Rowley Hills is welcome.


1 thought on “Friends of Rowley Hills AGM

  1. Anthony Hall

    Hi Folks,
    My name is Anthony Hall and i live in Midhill Drive, i have been here since the estate was built in 1984. Behind my house is the field behind the farmhouse on Portway Hill. Does anyone know who owns the field? Furthermore, when i originally moved here our rear garden extended upto the perimeter of the aforementioned field. The then current landowner objected to this so consequently our gardens were shortened. For over 30 years the strip of land behind our homes from no.38 to no.58 has been used as a public walkway. Today, we have received a letter from a property company, MaguireJackson offering us all the opportunity to purchase the waste land from our shortened rear fence upto the field perimeter. They have not specified who actually now owns the land but, originally it was the householders in this particular section of Midhill Drive. Has anyone got any information as to who owns the land now. I suspect as they have defined it as wasteland that they have no grounds to sell it.
    kindest regards,
    Anthony Hall



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