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Police Community Support Officers visit the Rowley Hills

On the evening of Thursday, 23rd August members of our committee met up with PCSO Ria Ware and PCSO Alan Wiltshire, who had kindly agreed to accompany us on a tour of the Portway Hill site. We took this opportunity to show them where unlawful activities are taking place, which includes cable burning, drug abuse, under-age drinking and off-road motorbike and 4-wheel vehicle scrambling.

PCSOs visit Portway Hill

We welcomed the advice they gave regarding reporting such matters to the police; please refer to the How you can help page for information regarding this.


Fly tipping incident on Turners Hill

A huge amount of rubbish has recently been dumped on Turners Hill in what appears to have been a single incident. This article in the Express & Star gives the full details; the photos have to be seen to believe the scale of this disgusting incident. Clearing the rubbish is likely to take some time due to issues around ownership of the land and the sheer scale of the fly tipping.

If you know anything about this incident or saw anything, please report it to the police by dialling 101. Thank you.