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Moth trapping on Portway Hill

We had very successful moth trapping event on Portway Hill last month, with 29 moth species recorded as well as 2 shield bugs – see below for the full list and some photos. Thank you to Richard Orton of Sandnats for organising the event and bringing along his moth traps, and to Dave and Wendy Yale at Portway Farm for giving us permission to use their field for the event.

Wainscot Smudge
Pied Smudge
White-shouldered House Moth
Brown House Moth
Dingy Dowd
Light Brown Apple Moth
Common Yellow Conch
Yellow Shell
Grey Pine Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet
Green Carpet
Double-striped Pug
Dusky Thorn
Copper Underwing agg.
Vine’s Rustic
Lunar Underwing
Centre-barred Sallow
Common Wainscot
Flame Shoulder
Large Yellow Underwing
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Square Spot Rustic
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Yponomeuta sp.
Hawthorn Shield bug
Red-legged Shield bug

A successful haul at the Rowley Hills’ first moth evening

On Friday evening (31st August) we set up two Mercury Vapour moth traps in the old quarry at the top of Bury Hill Park. In all we lured 14 different species of moth to the traps. The two that there were most of were Large Yellow Underwing and Square-spot Rustic. Chinese Character and Mouse Moth were nice to see.

Richard Orton and Tom Hartland-Smith put on a really interesting event, explaining about the different traps that are used to lure moths and the most useful books to use for identification. The ten people who attended enjoyed a great evening and learned a lot from the experience and we look forward to further events like this in 2019.

Moth night!

We’ve added another great event to our autumn line-up – a Moth night on Portway Hill, Friday 31st August 2018, 8:30pm – 10:00pm. Come and join the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country for an exciting night of moth trapping up on the Rowley Hills. All welcome and no prior knowledge needed. Due to the Wildlife Trust having not previously surveyed the site for moths every record will be a new one for the hillside and site! This site is renowned for rare butterflies so we hope it will offer similar delights for moths. Walking boots are recommended and please bring a torch if you have one available. Meet at St Brades Close, B69 1NX, West Midlands. Please note this is a residential parking area so please park respectfully with the local residents in mind.If you are planning on attending can you please email Tomh@bbcwildlife.org.uk to express interest.

Poplar Hawk Moth (image © Rob Farrow via Creative Commons)