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Photos from Netherton Tunnel Pepperpot walk

Our Netherton Tunnel Pepperpot walk on 19th May was a great success, with 15 attendees, two thirds of whom had never been through the tunnel before. Everyone who walked through the tunnel received a certificate from Bumble Hole Visitor Centre to commemorate the occasion. We managed to visit every one of the seven pepperpots, including the one hidden behind the Co-op and the one in Mike P’s neighbour’s field, which the neighbour very kindly allowed us to access through their back garden! Here are some photos taken by Andrew Cook from the walk.

Photos from Netherton Tunnel, Pepper Pots and Bumble Hole walk

Our group of fifteen had a fantastic time on last Saturday’s Lottery-funded Awards for All event walking over and under the Netherton Tunnel. Six of the seven remaining pepperpots on the Rowley Hills were visited and when we arrived at Bumble Hole Visitor Centre for tea and coffee, as proof of the achievement of walking through the tunnel, all of the participants received a certificate kindly provided by Bumble Hole Volunteers Group. Here are a few photos from the walk!

This weekend – Netherton Tunnel, Pepper Pots and Bumble Hole Healthy Walk

This Saturday we have another exciting Lottery-funded event for you – something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, a guided walk through the Netherton Tunnel and Bumble Hole Nature Reserve. It’s the perfect way to make a healthy start to your new year! The walk will start from Regent Road Co-op car park and will take in the Netherton Tunnel, its ventilation system (the pepper pots) and Bumble Hole nature reserve. The tunnel is very dark with wet footpaths so bring a torch and sturdy footwear. The walk should last just over three hours and covers about 5 miles; we will stop at the Bumble Hole visitor centre for a tea or coffee at the halfway point. This a family friendly event; dogs are allowed, however they must be on a lead at all times. This event is free but donations are always welcome. You will also receive a certificate at the end of the walk to prove that you’ve walked through the Netherton Tunnel! For more information, please visit the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country website.

We also have a couple of conservation volunteering days coming up too, on the 6th and 21st January. Check out our Events page for further information.

Netherton Tunnel entrance (image © Brian Clift via Creative Commons)

Netherton Tunnel entrance (image © Brian Clift via Creative Commons)