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Article in the Express & Star about proposed redevelopment of Edwin Richards Quarry

13th May 2015

This article in the Express & Star gives (somewhat one-sided) information about the proposed redevelopments of the old Edwin Richards Quarry. FCC Environment, who are leading the project, describe their plans for the site; the article does not take into account the views of residents or groups that may be opposed to the proposals.

The planning applications for these developments are still open and we encourage local residents and anyone else concerned about the future of this site to comment on them – details of how to do so can be found here. The location of the former quarry is visible on the map below between the two golf courses.


Beacon to be lit on the Rowley Hills as part of VE Day anniversary commemoration

7th May 2015

The Rowley Hills (image © Mike Poulton)

Victory in Europe Day will be marked in Sandwell tomorrow by the lighting of a beacon on the Rowley Hills, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Sandwell borough is joining a national chain of 200 beacons being lit to mark the day on Friday 8 May, using the special gas-fuelled beacon produced for VE Day this year with a unique burner head in the shape of a V for victory.

The Queen will light the principal beacon at Windsor Castle.

Sandwell Mayor Councillor Derek Rowley will light a beacon on the Rowley Hills at 9.32pm which people will be able to see from miles around.

Click here for further information.

Opportunity to comment on proposals for redevelopment of Edwin Richards Quarry

29th January 2015

FCC Environment, who operated the Edwin Richards Quarry located behind Turners Hill, have recently submitted three planning applications to Sandwell Council. These applications propose the following at the former quarry site:

  • DC/14/57744 – A waste management facility
  • DC/14/57743 – Replacement infilling of the quarry void
  • DC/14/57745 – A development of up to 281 residental dwellings

Local residents and anyone concerned with the future of this site may be interested in submitting their comments on these applications to the council. You can do this here – enter the application number (from the list above) in the Application Reference box at the top of the page, and click on Search. Information from two public consultation exhibitions that were held in the local area regarding FCC’s plans for the site can also be viewed here. You can also view a Map of the proposed developments and read some Waste management background information. The location of the former quarry is visible on the map below between the two golf courses.