October news

Over the past month we’ve been busy on the Portway Hill site, cutting, clearing and burning hawthorn, bramble and ivy to keep paths open and reduce risks from fires. While we were up there on one of the days, the sky went dark, and the sun became encircled by a red halo. We later discovered that unusual atmospheric conditions had blown up a sandstorm from Africa, and a thin layer of dust from the Sahara Desert had been carried over parts of Britain, depositing a fine film of sand everywhere. Fortunately, one of us had a camera at hand to photograph the strange-looking sun.

If you would like to get fit and active and do something positive for your local environment, then why not come along and join us on one of our conservation days?

Our next volunteer day is this Friday; for more information and to see all of our forthcoming volunteering opportunities please refer to our Events page. We look forward to seeing you there.


2 thoughts on “October news

  1. Luke Holloway

    Hi, Friday 3rd Nov. I’d like to come over and muck in. I won’t be free until 1pm where will you guys be and il meet you there?


    1. janetav Post author

      Hi Luke, you will find us on the Wildlife Trust land on the Portway Hill site, which is best accessed from St Brades Close (parking just off Tower Road). Through the barrier on the left, walk along the obvious path up towards the hill, turning right at the wooden marker post and along the back of houses then follow the track to the left. Continue downhill to the left and you will see us, where we will be burning off rubbish from last week’s clearing. We look forward to seeing you – thank you for your support!



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