Recent news, including a big achievement

The Friends of Rowley Hills are celebrating a great achievement – the opening up of the lost section of ‘Coaching Road’ on Portway Hill. Over the years this 80m stretch of the old double-hedgerow, which we believe at one time continued all the way to Rowley Church, had been lost to encroaching vegetation. In October 2021 we made a start at clearing it, and the results of our endeavours can be seen in the below photographs.

In other recent news, we warmly welcome Senior Reserves Officer Jake Williams as our new Wildlife Trust representative on the Rowley Hills, and look forward to working with him on future volunteering days which will be announced soon. We also wish Natalie Norton all our best wishes in her new appointment with Butterfly Conservation.


2 thoughts on “Recent news, including a big achievement

  1. Ethericom

    Many, many thanks for doing this! I’d been watching you doing this from my high vantage point. I have many happy memories of the times I used to walk along this in the late 1970’s onwards until the time it got overgrown. I look forwards to doing so again!


  2. janetav Post author

    Many thanks for this feedback, it’s really great to know our work is appreciated! We look forward to seeing more people making use of the path 🙂



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